How to install drawer bed/box in your truck

If you have a cool truck or van, you will definitely want to transform its storage space into the function you want. Then let’s introduce the basic steps of transformation. 

Because the vehicles are different from each other, we mainly provide tips for the main steps of each transformation for your reference.

Step 1 Measure Your Box, Then Design the Storage System

When measuring a truck bed, car trunk or trailer interior, make sure to measure and make notes on wheel wells, permanent tool boxes, spare tires and any other features that may extend into the storage space.

Customizing the truck storage space requires considering the location of box and drawer slides. When designing the storage space, please try to fit everything into the trunk so that the contents of the boxes will not shake when driving.

According to the measured value of the truck chassis and the main items to be stored, draw the scale diagram of the truck storage unit (it is suggested that you can draw the box frame on the chassis with chalk or draw the chassis and frame on the open ground to assemble the storage system more accurately). 

Leave enough space to install slide rails and other load-bearing tools.

Step 2 Build the box and drawer

  1. Design your own box sketches. (Here also need to remind, when designing the bottom box and drawer size, need to consider the space to install drawer slides.)
  2. Plywood is recommended for making box.
  3. The next step is to use a table saw to cut the plywood to the required size according to the design sketches.
  4. Using wood glue and 2-1/2″ drywall screws to attach each plywood.

Step 3 Paint the Unit & install drawer slides

Choose a paint color that coordinates with the truck but also contrasts with the colors of the tools. This will make the tools easier to find in the drawers.

Box and drawers are painted from inside to outside.

After the paint is completely dry, you can start to install drawer slides and combine the whole box.

According to different sizes and functions of drawer, choose your sliders.  Generally, the heavy duty drawer slides with lock and soft close drawer slides will be selected to install drawer.

The drawer slides with lock can protect the contents of the box from sliding out during driving. The soft close drawer slides also has the function of lock.

The next is to install drawer slides.

For detailed installation methods, please refer to VADANIA related articles.

How to install drawer slides? Step By Step with Photos.

Now the truck box is complete. All that remains is to install it in the car.

Step 4 Install the Truck Box

Consider the installing method according to your own truck base.

You can choose to use galvanized L-brackets to screw the unit to the truck bed.

Or choose to bolt this whole thing to the truck bed using the bolts in the far back of the truck bed.

These bolts are there to hold the bed liner into place are very robust with plenty of extra threading.

Pull the bolts out before slide the frame into place, once it was in, drill the holes into the drawer frame from under the truck. Drop the bolts back into place and tightened them down.

If your truck base is uneven, it is also possible to add a layer of shock-proof base with flat surface before installing the storage cabinet. The specific fixing method can refer to the above two methods.

By now, the whole installation process can basically be completed.

Step 5 If possible, it is best to decorate the boxes.

Of course, if you want your boxes to match your car better, you can consider making some decorations.

For example, sew a cloth cover on the boxes.

Or install small drawers in the remaining small space and put on exquisite stickers.

The purpose is to realize the maximum storage function of the trunk.

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