An easy project to tidy all the kitchen small stuff. – DIY Rollout Storage Panel

Keep small stuff from getting lost in deep base cabinets.

If you know how to mount a slab of plywood on drawer slides, you can no more need to worry about they lost in some blind corner.

It’s easy as long as you remember two critical things:

First, make sure the drawer slides are parallel. Place a plywood spacer between the drawer members as you screw them to the panel. Screw the cabinet members to cleats.

Second, make your cleats thick enough so that the slides will clear the cabinet door hinges. (We glued 1/2-in. plywood to 3/4-in. plywood to make my cleats.)

To install the panel in the cabinet, reassemble the slides.

Hold the whole assembly against the cabinet wall and slide the panel out about 4 in.

Drive screws through the cleats at the rear, then slide the panel out completely and drive screws at the front.

Some tips for selecting drawer slides.

We here suggest that you can choose the soft close drawer slides or the push to open drawer slides.

The soft close drawer slides can protect your stuff from the fierce collisions when closing.

And the push to open drawer slides can make it easier to get what you want from the cabinet. Just need a simple push to open or close.

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