BUILT-IN Pantry DIY Project

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides

Who needs more organization and storage in their life? While all my cupboards (for the most part) are organized, the original design plan of my home sometimes baffles me. For instance, I have this teeny tiny closet in my kitchen that has so much untapped potential, there is plenty of dead space that could be utilized! What’s a girl to do? Optimize it!  Today I am teaming up with The Home Depot to show you how I replaced my builder grade pantry closet with the custom built-in pantry of my dreams!

  Tools Suggested 

  • Safety Glasses 
  • Hearing Protection
  • Tape Measure 
  • Miter Saw/Circular Saw
  • Finish Sander
  • Drill/Driver
  • Pocket Hole Jig 
  • Table Saw or Router 
  • Wood Glue 
  • Clamps 
  • Pry Bar 
  • Hammer
  • Oscillating Tool 

  Materials Used 

  • Stain, or paint of choice.
  • 1 ¼” Pocket Hole Screws  
  • (x11) 1x3x8 Board(s) 
  • (x5) ¾”  Plywood 
  • (x1) ¼” Paneling/Plywood 
  • (x4) 1x2x8 Boards 
  • (x1) ¼” Back Panel 
  • (x5) Drawer Pulls 
  • (x6) ½” overlay Concealed Hinges 
  • (x8) 22” Ball-bearing Drawer Slides
  • Edge Banding
  • 2×4 Baseboard


Regardless if you are using my build plans, or creating your own cabinet begin by assembling the cabinet “carcass” (a term used by builders in reference to the body of a cabinet). 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


 When designing my pantry I knew that I wanted plenty of drawer storage, along with pull out shelves. One thing to keep in mind when adding the shelves, the ply on the end of the boards will be exposed unless you either, support the ledge with a 1×2” or use edge banding on the exposed edge. I prefer the latter option. 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


A face frame is not always necessary for cabinets, in fact many cabinets are frameless.  However due to the nature of this project I needed to use a face frame.  In most cases the face frame is flush with the outside of the cabinet, in this case the face frame was made to sit flush with the interior of the cabinet. The reason?  With the face frame hanging out over the side of the cabinet it will allow a little wiggle room when installing this in the wall.  This project will require me to cut into my drywall and this face frame will cover the cut drywall and create a flawless look. 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


 The best part of replacing a closet with a pantry is the endless drawer possibilities!  With the limited entry space of a closet there was no way I could efficiently use drawers.  I LOVE drawers and I added a ton of them.  However, if drawers don’t speak to you, you can always opt for easy shelving instead.

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides
Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


Again, if you are looking for specific dimensions, I have full build plans available here.    If you love my style you can follow my build plans. However, the doors and drawers are a great way to really add your own personality to the build.  I was heavily considering swapping out my wood panels in my doors for glass, or even making map style drawer fronts.  The sky is the limit and this build can be completely catered to you and your unique style. 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


  After much consideration I decided that I wanted to run my baseboard under my new cabinet.   I had considered running the cabinet all the way to the floor and create more of an armoire appearance, but I ultimately  decided that  I wanted it to look like it was completely built in to the wall.  In order to run the baseboard under the cabinet I needed to build a small platform using 2×4” boards.

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


 It is now the moment of truth.  I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous as my husband and I brought this beast of a cabinet inside. I had already double, and triple checked my measurements, but I still held my breath as we pushed it into place.

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides

 I cannot even begin to tell you how perfectly this thing fit.  LIKE A GLOVE. Gratefully everything went according to plan and the new custom pantry fit snuggly into its new home.

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides

Before I started loading up the new pantry, I first ensured that it was secured in place.  Using 3½” screws I  drilled through the interior of the unit and into the stud that was directly behind it.  I repeated this step at several different anchor points. 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides


The last thing this built-in needed was a baseboard.  As mentioned earlier, I put the pantry up on a platform  so that I could run a baseboard under the cabinet.  I simply cut a new piece of baseboard and installed in under the pantry. Eventually I will add shoe molding, caulk and paint it, but that will have to wait because I simply cannot wait to share the final reveal… 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides

 Can you even believe that is the same kitchen? Obviously, it added a ton of storage, but oh my goodness, it transformed the entire kitchen!  Don’t you just love it when form meets function, that’s when you know it is truly a good design. 

Pantry DIY Project with vadania drawer slides

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