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How can I write a review for a product?

You can write a review by clicking the ‘Write a review’ button in the product detail page. We encourage buyers to write a review and share their experience of using the products.

How can I get a coupon and apply it?

We offer different coupons in different channels. You can visit promotion page and follow the instruction to get coupons. Click the ‘Apply Coupon Code’ in the check-out page and enter the coupon code.

How can I make the order

1. First, register as a member 2. Add your favorite products to the cart. 3. Click on the cart and checkout. 4. Fill in the address and personal information as required. 5. Choose to pay by credit card or PayPal


20″/500mm 24″/600mm 28″/700mm 32″/800mm 36″/900mm 40″/1000mm  44″/1100mm 48″/1200mm  52″/1300mm 56″/1400mm  60″/1500mm


20in/500mm 24in/600mm  28in/700mm  32in/800mm  36in/900mm  40in/1000mm 44in/1100mm48in/1200mm 52in/1300mm 56in/1400mm  60in/1500mm


12 Inch/300mm 14 Inch/350mm  16 Inch/400mm  18 Inch/450mm  20 Inch/500mm   22 Inch/550mm 24 Inch/600mm 28 Inch/700mm 32 Inch/800mm   36 Inch/900mm  40 Inch/1000mm