How to build pull out trash and recycling bins?

Maybe you have seen this kind of pull-out bins on the Internet or at a friend’s house. You may find this convenient, and it will make the kitchen feel neat and clean if you can not see the trash bins.

When you ask how much it costs to make such a system, you may be scared by the quotations from many decoration companies. But in fact, as long as you have some woodworking knowledge, you can actually make one by yourself and save a lot money.

1. Begin by measuring the width, depth, and height of the interior of your cabinet.  You will need to find trash cans that fit into your space. 

2. When selecting your trash cans, try to find one with a square-ish shape on the top.  It will be much easier to cut the holes on the top of the base you will create if you can make them square instead of round.

3. Select a pair of full extension drawer slides that strong enough to hold up to 100lb weight. We suggest 2 kind of drawer slides. K1245 Soft close drawer slides or F1245 push to open drawer slides. The longest one can be 24”. That will suitable for most of family kitchen.

4. Build a wooden box wide enough to fit into your cabinet with the sliders attached.  Make sure you allow enough room in case you need to add a block of wood in between the cabinet facing and your sliders.

5. Next, cut a top for the box out of a nice sheet of plywood. Cut it so that it overhangs the long sides of the box to form a little lip.  Trace the top of your trash cans onto the top and use a jigsaw to cut the holes a wee bit smaller so the cans will hang in the holes. Screw the top to the box.

6. Brush polyurethane onto the top and the box.

7. After the finish was dried,  install the sliders to the box and to the sides of the cabinet.

8. Screw your cabinet door onto the box to create a face.  Screw from the inside of the box so that the screws don’t show – make sure you check the length before hand to ensure that they don’t pop through the front.

Now you can enjoy the new kitchen life.

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