How to Distinguish the Quality of Cabinet Drawer Slides

the quality of vadania drawer slides

People always want cabinets to have maximum storage capacity, so the design of drawers is very important. However, it is not the drawer itself that is most easily worn out, but the drawer slides.

the quality of vadania drawer slides

Therefore, we should pay attention to the quality of their drawer slides when purchasing cabinets.

Drawer slides is one of the important fittings in cabinet hardware. Many of cabinet companies adopt slide rail with low price and poor quality.  Comparatively speaking, the superior and inferior are not distinguished from each other in terms of appearance and usage. The main difference lies in the differences caused by different materials, principles, structures, equipment, production techniques, etc. 

Here are some simple ways to identify the quality of drawer slides.

1. Bearing capacity

The quality of drawer slides directly affects the bearing capacity of drawer. You can check the load-bearing capacity of the drawer by the following methods.

Pull out the drawer completely, press the outer edge of the front of the drawer with your hand, and observe the forward inclination of the drawer from the side.

The smaller the forward inclination, the stronger the drawer’s bearing capacity.

the quality of vadania drawer slides

2. Internal structure

The bearing structure inside the slide rail is directly related to its bearing capacity. 

At present, the market is selling both steel ball slide rails and silicon wheel slide rails. The steel ball slide rail automatically removes dust and dirt on the slide rail through the rolling of steel balls, thus ensuring the cleanness of the slide rail and preventing dirt from entering the interior and affecting its sliding function. 

At the same time, the steel ball can diffuse the acting force to all sides, ensuring the stability of the drawer in the horizontal and vertical directions.

the quality of vadania drawer slides

3. Drawer slides material

The steel drawer slides is dark silver gray when viewed from the outside, with fine texture, and compared with aluminum drawer slides, the steel drawer slides side plate is thicker. 

The color of powder spraying steel drawer slides is lighter, it is light silver gray, and its thickness is thinner than that of steel drawer slides, but thicker than that of aluminum drawer.

the quality of vadania drawer slides

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