How to fix VD2053 issue

How to fix when you exchange the left and right sliders?

Here are 2 images. The first one show that 2 different position of the inner sliders.

The right one in the first image is the correct one, I think the left one is what you did(exchanged the inner slider to the wrong side.)

So that you can see clear image of the stuck point in the middle sliders in the second image.

There are 2 reason that why you can not seperate the inner sliders.

1. the “J” bar is stuck( I note the “X” on the image.)

2. the lock bar is stuck

We have 2 suggestion.

1. you can make a little prying to create a little space and then was able to tap the unit out with a hammer and screwdriver.

2. you can try to remove the stick, then it may can be seperated. After that, you can install the stick back to the original position

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