How to install blind corner kitchen cabinet organizer? Step by step with photos

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We will show you the detail installation steps of blind corner swing tray kitchen cabinet organizer here.

You can also check the detail installation video and pdf file here >>>

Step 1.

Check whether the equipment parts are complete.  Prepare electric drill, tape measure and pencil.

Step 2. 

Measure kitchen cabinet.  Minimum dimensions must be matched the size table. Check different size table here>>>

Step 3. 

Measure the internal position of the cabinet and mark it.  Specific data are as follows [unit: mm]

Step 4.

Install the top base and bottom base

Step 5.

Install the side base.

Step 6.

Assemble the center arm frame

Step 7.

Install the side arm support

Step 8.

Install the center arm support

Step 9.

Install swing tray parts.

Step 10.

Test. Finish!

Detail video >>>>

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