How to select a good kitchen sink?(2) – Style

Since more than 90% of the water tanks in the market are stainless steel sinks, the following are mainly about stainless steel sinks!


1. Single bowl kitchen sink

Everything you do is in a single bowl sink. The large single bowl sink has a large basin body and is more convenient and comfortable to use. The single bowl sink has large volume, which can enlarge the pan, and is suitable for Chinese family.  If you like to wash vegetables in a large space, a large single bowl kitchen sink is a good choice.

Many families are still used to washing melons, fruits, vegetables, bowls, chopsticks and the like with pots. Large single bowl sinks are very advantageous in size, so there is no need to worry about not being able to hold pots and pans. Some long and bulky vegetables can be washed in the sink without breaking or cutting, which is very convenient. Single bowl sinks require simple faucet, and you can freely choose the faucet you like.  

Small single bowl sink is often the choice of families with too little kitchen space, which is inconvenient to use and can only meet the most basic cleaning function.

The disadvantage of single basin sink is that it is not suitable to install garbage disposer, because there is only one water outlet. After the garbage disposer is installed, the sewage will also pass through it, which will affect the service life of the garbage disposer. 

At the same time, greasy things and muddy things are washed in the same sink, which inevitably affects each other, making the place that should have been cleaned the most dirty place.  At this time, the cleaning work of the sink is very important, and it needs to be cleaned tirelessly.

2. Double bowls kitchen sink

More and more young families like to use double-bowls sinks. The double bowls design can meet the needs of cleaning and conditioning separately. It can clean hot and cold, oily sludge, clean and dirty things respectively. The double bowls sink may take up more space than the single bowl sink, but it can not only make the kitchen convenient to use, but also reduce some monotony and rigidity in kitchen layout.

(1)Two different size bowls sink

Most double bowls tanks have a large bowl and a small bowl. The small one can hold chopping board. After washing the dishes in the large one, you can directly take them to the board on the other side, which is very convenient and will not leave water everywhere.

However, this kind of double-bowls kitchen sink may not be convenient when cleaning large pots and large foods.. It is better to buy the one with 7/3 or 2/1 double-bowl. The garbage disposer can be installed under the smaller one. The big ones can wash some big things.

(2) Movable sub-sink design

You can see that the sub-sink in the above picture can be placed at will and is not welded to the main sink. The main sink is for washing and the sub-sink is used for soaking. Such a kitchen sink can freely adjust the water storage capacity in washing, and can also drain dishes and vegetables in the sub-sink.

3. Three-bowls design

The design of the three bowl has more different functions. It can wash, soak, store and other functions at the same time. It saves time, and can also separate the raw and cooked food.

The division of labor among the three pots is definite. Its disadvantage is that the sink is large and only suitable for large kitchens.

4. With wing section

Sink with swing section is quite popular in Europe and America. In modern kitchen design, the functional area of the sink is obviously expanded.

For example, a working area is developed at the place where the sink meets the cabinet, making the sink combine with the storage function. If space permits, an extended table top can be added to place some sundries during washing.

Avoid making the countertop full of water when cutting vegetables. After washing, operate it on the swing section.

5. Corner sink

The shape of the console determines the shape of the sink to a certain extent. For example, in order to maximize the use of space and achieve the purpose of saving labor, corner sink is often installed in the T-shaped console  

You can choose pentagonal or quarter circular kitchen pots. These are specially designed for kitchens with right angles or rounded corners, which can make full use of corner space that is not normally available.

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