How to select a good kitchen sink?(6) – Faucet of sink

Sink faucet generally includes the following parts, faucet body, swing pipe (only available for sink faucet and used for stretching), handle, valve core, water inlet pipe (usually both cold and hot, but also single cold) and net nozzle (also called bubbler).

First – Material

The best material for the faucet is brass.

Maybe some merchants say their faucet is stainless steel, which is a trick for you, because stainless steel cannot be cast out.

So how can you judge its material?

You can unscrew the faucet spout (i.e. net spout) and easily see its internal material.

Second – Valve Core

The valve core is the most easily damaged of all faucets.

Ceramic valve core is the best. Because it is wear-resistant and well sealed. 

If you are willing, you can carefully open the hot and cold signs, and then use a small screwdriver to unscrew the screws that fix the handle, so that the handle can be easily taken down and the valve core can be fully viewed. 

A light and soft valve core should be good. 

Third – Manufacturing Process. 

The manufacturing process of faucet first involves casting. The most important process is plating.

Generally, the plating sequence of faucet is: copper sulfate → nickel plating  → chromium plating.

The bright faucet you can see is plated with chromium.

If the plating is thick or thin, there will be problems. Moreover, the plated faucet must undergo neutral salt spray test.

If it is not plated well, it is not easy to flower or peel, and the national standard thickness is 0.25х. Test in acidic high temperature environment with pH close to 3. 

If the faucet is intact for more than 4 hours, the surface treatment process is very good. 

Kitchen fumes is relatively serious, so the faucet is easy to be stained with oil stain and water stain.

At this time, cleaning has become an annoying problem, and the faucet surface is easy to lose luster after repeated cleaning. 

If the surface treatment is not good, the product may be in good condition when purchased, but after a period of time, the coating will change color and fall off.

Fourth – Style. 

Sink faucet can choose a rotatable gooseneck-shaped water faucet with an equal long neck.

The handle can be used according to personal preference. Rod-shaped handles convenient for disabled people are also very popular nowadays.

It should be noted that when mixing cold and hot water, single handle is not as good as double handles, which can simultaneously use cold and hot water in large flow. 

The invention relates to a pull-out kitchen faucet, which has two modes of columnar water outlet and jet water outlet.

A button on the top of a shower head can easily switch modes, thus being convenient to clean.

In addition, the drawer-type kitchen faucet has a 1.5m long stainless steel hose, which can easily reach the place you need and make cleaning fun. 

The pull-out faucet brings great convenience to people when cooking. You can  add some water temporarily, instead of taking a bowl to receive water, you can directly pull the pull-out faucet to the front of the pan.

Fifth – Water Saving.

A good faucet bubbler can slow down the water flow and keep the effluent flow at 8.3l/min to save water. 

The honeycomb-shaped current limiting sheet can not only make the water flow out in a foam shape, so that the user feels that the water flow has sufficient bubbles to soften the water flow, but also feels that the water power is abundant but is actually more water-saving than the water flow without bubbles. 

Under normal circumstances, the faucet with water-saving function can save nearly 20% of water charges.

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