How to select a good kitchen sink?(7) – Use & Maintenance

TIPS of sink maintenance

1. The newly purchased sink can be coated with a layer of animal or vegetable grease to isolate the sink surface from corrosive substances.

2. Clean the sink with sponge or cotton cloth. If using detergent, gently scrub with neutral detergent.

3. If mineral deposits occur, low-concentration vinegar solution can be used to remove them and then completely clean them with water.

4. Don’t dump waste water into the sink during decoration.

5. Don’t use cleaning products containing chlorine such as bleach to clean the sink.

6. If silver detergent or molten substances containing sulfur, hydrochloric acid, photographic drugs or soldering tin fall into the sink, they should be rinsed with water immediately.

7. Do not scrub the sink with steel wire balls to avoid leaving scratches on the surface and causing rust spots caused by metal particles adhering to the basin wall.

8. Don’t use rubber pad, because the dirt under the rubber pad is difficult to clean.

Water Spot Treatment

1. Wipe with toothpaste or talcum powder, or buy special polishing paste to remove water spots and rust spots.

2. When cleaning the sink, use neutral detergent, wipe with soft brush or cloth, and avoid using abrasive materials (such as wire brush). Especially the enamel surface should not be scratched by sharp knives.

3. It is better to wash with hot water with strong detergency. Stubborn stains, paints or asphalt can be removed with turpentine or paint thinner.

4. Strong acid or strong alkaline substance can easily tarnish the surface and keep away from it!

5. The surface of some high-grade ceramic sinks is treated with special materials to reduce the residue of hanging water and dirt. The above methods should also be referred to when cleaning.

6. If the sink is not equipped with a food residue processor, a water filter should be placed at the water outlet to facilitate the cleaning of vegetable residue and avoid blocking the sewer.

7. Proper adjustment of the tap nozzle position, configuration of shower head or cover can prevent water stains from splashing.

8. After cleaning the sink and faucet, wipe the sink and faucet with soft and clean cotton cloth to keep the surface dry and fresh for a long time.

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