VADANIA customize product

Hi, VADANIA’s fans!

Thank you so much for your trust and support in a long term.

We believe that in your various woodworking projects, there are definitely many different product function requirements.

For example, some customers need a combination of a locking slider and a normal slider to facilitate switch operation. And some need bottom-mount/middle-mount drawer slides.

However, some of them are temporarily unavailable online and their local market.

In order to assist our fans to complete your project to the greatest extent, we have developed this customized product plan.

You can inform us of the special functional requirements in your woodworking project to customize the products you need. We will submit to our factory according to your needs, or provide you with a reliable source of supply.

Please note that the products we can customize for you are mainly products already on the market. We will find the supplier or factory of the corresponding product for you according to your needs and provide you with the product. It's not for you to make a product that doesn't exist.

The entire customization process is roughly as follows:

  1. When you find that your woodworking project is missing some parts but you cannot buy them locally, contact us.
  2. Fill out the products you need to customize according to the following form and send them to us.
  3. We will find whether our factory or other suppliers can provide corresponding products.
  4. We will quote you the order based on the cost of the product and the shipping cost. After we deal with price, we will generate a product link on the VADANIA website. We will deliver the products in the agreed time.

Because customization takes more time and labor costs, there are certain requirements for the minimum order of customized products. We will formulate the corresponding minimum order according to different product costs.

Please don't be worried, anyone who needs customized products can communicate with us first. (But if you just want to buy one of a small part, we may not be able to customize it for you.)

Custom Product Form

[1] Contact name
[2] Mobile number
[3] Mailing address
[4] Custom product name and usage
[5] Product customization requirements (including product size, load bearing requirements, and functional requirements)
[6] product pictures (if you have pictures of this product, please provide us as much as possible for reference)
[7] Order quantity.


Please feel free to contact us if you need to find any product.

VADANIA customize product