Automatic Door Closer-1PCS

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About this item

【Keep Quiet】An automatic closing and latching system ensures quiet and security. When you’re away, you don’t have to worry about your kids wandering out of the room or your pet dogs or cats entering your room, thanks to the self-closing door hinge.
【Adjustable Tension】The spring door closer can be easily adjust the tension to adjust the closing speed,and both left and right doors can be applied in these automatic door closer.
【High Quality】Light door closer is made of Zinc alloy , Spring operation, totally automatic closing, automatic door closers gives you a easy and safe life, protects your door and lock.
【Widely Application】Door closer is suitable for household doors, gates, agricultural fences, garden fences and various hinge doors, saving time and effort.Applicable door weight 20-30KG.
【Easy to Install】Equipped with installation accessories, you can also refer to our pictures for installation. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Installation Steps

Automatic Door Closer

1. Adjustable door closer*1
2. Door closer arm*1
3. Adjustment rod*1
4. Tapping screws*4
5. 3M plastic sheets*1
6. Metal pad*1

Q & A

What is the maximum application weight of your product? Is it suitable for 45kg door? Luis asked on June 6, 2024

Hello,The applicable door weight 20-30KG. When the weight of the door exceeds 35KG, the door closer will fail.

alcide answered on June 6, 2024 store manager
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Frequently bought together

Automatic Door Closer
vadania hardware tools
Automatic Door Closer-1PCS
Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $19.50.
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $15.86.

Frequently bought together

Automatic Door Closer
Automatic Door Closer-1PCS
Original price was: $27.00.Current price is: $19.50.
vadania hardware tools
Original price was: $20.00.Current price is: $15.86.

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10 reviews for Automatic Door Closer-1PCS

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  1. Rita

    I ordered this for the swing gate in our house. The latch doesn¡¯t always catch and every member of the family has left it unknowingly unlatched. It will slowly swing open. We use the gate to keep our dogs separated as they fight. This spring works perfectly! I wish I¡¯d found it sooner!!

  2. Serpent

    I installed this door closer on my front door a couple weeks ago. Installation took around 5 mins and was simple. It seems to be good quality and does what I need it to do. It doesn¡¯t close the door all the way but it does nudge it to almost closed after I bring in groceries or when my kids go in and out and forget to close the door. I have 3 dogs and I¡¯m always worried one will slip out when I¡¯m not looking and this has been perfect!

  3. Estra

    I have a door that leads to my basement that doesn¡¯t have a knob with a lock or latch. I needed something that would prevent my cat from going in the basement. I found this level thing and it works great. It is spring loaded. You can adjust how hard you want the spring to be by spinning it before you install it. It¡¯s easy to install with screws. It was a no brainer. My cat is unable to open the door and I can come and go into my basement easily. The materials are metal and strong. The price was just right.

  4. Stranger

    I have a very stubborn refrigerator door that often stays open. Bought this, mounted to the wall and fridge and bam, closes every time. I no longer have to wonder if its closed when im away. Definitely a usedul device here.

  5. Joey

    Installers Note: Follow the very basic instructions & install the primary module w/ the visible arrows pointing AWAY from the wheel arm that screws into it. If it is installed like I installed it(probably the typical method), they should point away from the door. ..Oh, ALSO, ALWAYS drill pilot holes for your screws!!!(SO much less headache with it later!) I had to do some slight modifying of the doorway trim in order to get this installed in not too tacky-looking a way, but am VERY pleased w/ the results! I was worried, because the door is one of those older ones that has a bunch of glass panes in it & because of the way this device is made(quite basic), that it would slam, BUT IT DOESN’T! It COULD if I were to put the wheel arm in the next screw slot(or wtvr they’re called), thus significantly increasing the tension, but I’m very happy that it fully closes AND with enough force to latch if opened most of the way like when we walk through the room(laundry) to other rooms(I’d previously adjusted the door, which is old & warped, so that it takes just a bit more pressure to latch it after it makes contact w/ a felt pad, to help absorb impact vibrations, to minimize rattle). The only cons that come to mind are 1. That it comes w/ a bar for use in installing the wheel arm, but then there’s nothing to do but store it somewhere = lame. I would’ve preferred the device have some compatibility with common tools, like a screwdriver, to use in place of something that’s only going to be useful for this one thing(waste of metal) -_- , & 2. It comes w/ zero lubrication & is something that will potentially be moving & rubbing those moving parts quite a lot(I know it will in OUR application!). As can be seen in one of the pictures I’ve included, I’ve smeared some lithium grease into the point that seems to do the most rubbing in the primary module. Hopefully I’m correct in where I’ve chosen to lube it & have headed off the main wear problem with this device. I value this device at $12-$15. At the time of writing, & as seen in uploaded pictures, the device looks like the “ADCB” model’s picture on the product page, not as nice looking as the other models which feature computer generated imagery renders instead of actual product pictures(shame on you sellers doing this!). Concept is the same, though. Overall, simply a good product if you have the need. I certainly recommend this one in such a circumstance.*NOTE* Speaking of lubrication, DO NOT USE WD-40 in applications like this! It is NOT an actual lubricant, but just makes things smoother while the components still maintain contact that wears over time. Don’t believe me? ..go ride a bicycle as your primary transportation for 6 months while using WD-40 on your gears/chain. Then, after you’ve destroyed & had to replace those components, & realized how big a difference it made, get some ACTUAL chain-lube for the bike. Just like using the correct tool for the job, using the correct preventative measures, in this case a proper lubricant, is KEY in successful maintenance(replacement is ALWAYS more expensive than proper maintenance) You’re welcome!

  6. Linda

    Installed on my shop door, replacing a heavy metal part hanging on a cable. Along with some rubber foam, I was able to eliminate the cringe slamming. It’s now a pleasant thud. It must have taken me … 3 minutes to install this. Very happy. One in the center was all I needed. The extra bolt that comes with it is used to wind up the spring and is then removed.

  7. Noelle

    I can finally have my front glass door open and close correctly! Easy to install.

  8. Dylan

    I installed this for the backdoor because I like to let our dog out when he needs to go. He used to come running back inside and the door would be wide open. No longer. this was the answer. It was easy to install and works exactly as it should.

  9. Megan

    Instal so easy!.. for some maybe instructions would help¡­ but this definitely stopped my door from slamming!

  10. Livia

    I have a door that is at the top of the stairs leading down to the finished basement and the frame that the door sits in is slightly off plumb. So, the door will always swing open if not latched closed and then it’s in the way of the garage door that is adjacent to it. This automatic closer is the perfect solution to my problem. I was able to install the closer in about a total of 10 minutes by myself and that’s with having to go and get tools. You really only need a #2 Phillips screwdriver. I aligned the closer on the door frame, attached the 4 included screws to secure it in place, used the included tensioning bar and the roller arm to apply some tension to the spring and adhered the small aluminum roller pad to the door where the rollers of the arm touched. I keep the hinges of my doors oiled so the door swings smoothly and quietly. Now when I open the door, it will close automatically and even latch. Now, keep in mind that this is an internal door with glass panels the full length of the door so it still has a little weight to it. The closer handles it perfectly. I haven’t noticed any squeaking or pops from the device but I will have to get used to the slight resistance on the door now when opening. But it is not much is a great tradeoff to not have to worry about slamming the garage door into the basement door when coming in from the garage.

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