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  1. So far all looks well built. Making the drawers right now before I can give a full review

  2. Instructions are good if you have no face frames! I managed to work it out on my own however if are not handy with tools you will need to hire someone to do the install! There was numerous complaints about how hard to open! I lubed the ball bearings with white Lithium grease and also the tracks before installation of the drawer. They work as smooth as silk! Three stars are for lack of instruction for face frame cabinets! Would have been 5 stars!!

  3. The slides work very well, but they donЃft separate to install which makes them very difficult for tight spaces.

  4. I bought 3 sets of these and may just return them, but already opened their sealed package. First the good, then the bad. They are well made and have a quality feel, fit & finish. Know these slides DO NOT come apart, so once mounted the drawer is not coming off without removing the slides from the cabinet. I also wouldnЃft use them for a drawer that could get heavy. You need to use tiny screws so the slides can move over them without binding.IMHO unless you need small drawer slides that can fit into a routed drawer side, donЃft get these permanent non-removable drawer slides. If you have the room get the removable roller kind like your kitchen cabinets.

  5. Nice slides so far, but crappie screws. Might as well not send any.