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  1. EXcellent service.

  2. Worked well for my application.

  3. I ordered this for the swing gate in our house. The latch doesn¡¯t always catch and every member of the family has left it unknowingly unlatched. It will slowly swing open. We use the gate to keep our dogs separated as they fight. This spring works perfectly! I wish I¡¯d found it sooner!!

  4. The installation instructions had photos and were written by someone who likes Lee has English as their first language as they were very easy to read and follow.The lot comes with two fobs and can store multiple fingerprints plus keys as back up.Highly recommended.

  5. I installed this door closer on my front door a couple weeks ago. Installation took around 5 mins and was simple. It seems to be good quality and does what I need it to do. It doesn¡¯t close the door all the way but it does nudge it to almost closed after I bring in groceries or when my kids go in and out and forget to close the door. I have 3 dogs and I¡¯m always worried one will slip out when I¡¯m not looking and this has been perfect!