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  1. I had to modify (downsize) a previous installation from 32″ to 28″ so I once again chose Vadania slides. I really like how they are manufactured, their strength, and ease of installation. The locking mechanism can’t be beat, making them perfect for overlanding systems.

  2. Once you figure out how to install it, the shelves work smoothly and I would buy it again. The directions are an issue, first imagine the worst printer you ever owned printed the directions, I ordered a right hand shelf and the directions were for a left hand shelf, so everything shown had to converted in your mind to a mirror image. I am not sure if was the wrong directions or they only print a left side and why $.10 of the purchase price could not have gone for the proper directions. Everything so far could be figured out with a magnifying glass and some unnecessary thought, but a key component is shown absolutely in a very wrong position mounted on another component. You have to cheat ahead in the directions and use some deductive reasoning to figure out the proper installation. The motion of the shelf is smooth after assembly and time will tell if some of the plastic parts will hold up, but I assume the plastic parts are why it is not a more expensive shelf.

  3. Stress-Free Bed Assembly

  4. Easy to fit.