Why push to open drawer slides is more suitable for kitchen cabinet?

Having cooking for many years, we just found that the kitchen cabinet with handle design is an unwise design.

First, because the kitchen is full of lampblack all the year round, the handle is easily covered with a thick layer of oil stains.

Second, when you’re busy in cooking, You don’t even have spare hands to pull the cabinet out.

Therefore, some handless kitchen cabinets have become popular in recent years. I think this is an improvement and more humane.

First, release hands when cooking, just a click, then the drawer will open.

Second, No handle design, can use easy-to-clean materials to make doors. Smooth and clean cabinet door make cabinet looks cleaner and neater.

So now the push to open drawer slides are more popular in some hardware store.

I think this kind of no handle design cabinet and push to open drawer slides will be the right choice of kitchen cabinet. So what’s your kitchen style and your kitchen cabinet style? Handle design, no handle design, which one do you prefer for kitchen?

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